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We welcome patients of all ages to Czaplicki Family Dentistry. Dr. Donald Czaplicki and his team are happy to help you and your family achieve and maintain good oral health for a lifetime. Regular dental visits are is important not only to your oral health but to your overall health. By visiting our practice routinely and developing good oral hygiene habits at home, you and your family can live each day with happy, healthy smiles.

In addition to our full range of restorative and cosmetic dentistry treatments, we stress the importance of preventive dentistry services. Preventive care protects your teeth and gums from disease and decay so that they remain strong and functional during everyday activities such as biting, chewing, and speaking.

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Preventive Care

Our dental team can help your family learn effective at-home hygiene techniques, such as proper brushing and flossing. While these may seem like standard practice in your family, learning the proper techniques at a young age can greatly improve lifelong dental habits.

We encourage our patients to bring in children just before or right after their primary, or "baby," teeth come in. In a relaxed environment, Dr. Czaplicki and his team can teach children the basics of oral hygiene and help them develop a positive attitude toward visiting the dentist.

Once our young patients' first permanent teeth come in, Dr. Czaplicki often applies sealants. Sealants provide an extra level of protection against cavities, covering the ridges and valleys in teeth where plaque bacteria often hide. While young patients are learning to maintain good dental habits, sealants boost their oral defenses.

We offer fluoride treatments, which help the mouth to stave off plaque bacteria, which cause cavities and gum disease. Fluoride exists in toothpaste and tap water, but supplementary treatments are a great way to help patients, especially children, ward off cavities.

We also encourage our patients to be conscious of the foods they eat. Avoiding sugary foods that fuel plaque bacteria and maintaining a balanced diet help to promote a proper chemical balance within the mouth. We also encourage patients who smoke or chew tobacco products to quit immediately. Tobacco has a multitude of negative effects on a person's oral health, the most severe of which is oral cancer. We offer oral cancer screening for patients who are at risk.

Preserving Healthy Teeth

Once a tooth has been affected by plaque bacteria, it is essential that Dr. Czaplicki stop the progression of tooth decay and protect the remaining natural tooth structure. Fillings are a tried-and-true treatment in family dentistry. A filling occupies the space where decayed natural tooth matter has been carefully removed by Dr. Czaplicki. It both restores the functionality of the tooth and protects plaque bacteria from accumulating in the cavity again.

Root canal therapy is another staple of restorative dentistry. The procedure involves the surgical removal of damaged tooth matter and pulp from within the root canal of the tooth. When the pulp in the root canal becomes infected or diseased due to trauma or decay, it must be removed in order to salvage the natural tooth. After root canal therapy is performed, the natural tooth will be covered by a dental crown to protect and strengthen it.

In certain cases, teeth need to be removed to protect the health of the rest of the mouth. We offer a comfortable, safe environment in which teeth can be extracted efficiently and with minimal discomfort. We also offer extraction services for wisdom teeth. These teeth, sometimes referred to as third molars, often grow in crooked or are unable to erupt fully because of inadequate space at the back of the jaw.

For further information on these and other family dentistry services, contact Dr. Czaplicki today. We would be happy to schedule an appointment for you and your family.

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Our mission at Czaplicki Family Dentistry is to provide every patient with exceptional dental care in a friendly and supportive environment. Drs. Don and Cathy Czaplicki are proud to be affiliated with a range of prestigious organizations, including the:

  • American Dental Association
  • American Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry
  • Academy of General Dentistry

For more information about our services, contact our Milwaukee office online or call (414) 427-9090 today.

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