Keep Oral Conditions at Bay with Preventative Dentistry

Regular dental cleanings and checkups are essential for patients of all ages. Preventative dentistry services at our Milwaukee, WI, practice can protect the health of your smile for years to come, and save you money on more costly and invasive treatments in the future. During a checkup with Drs. Don or Cathleen Czaplicki, we will provide a thorough cleaning, instruct you on at-home care techniques, and monitor for oral cancer, decay, periodontal disease, and other issues. 

The Importance of Regular Cleanings and Dental Exams

Dental checkups and cleanings are your first line of defense against many types of preventable conditions, and our dentists recommend you attend an appointment every six months at Czaplicki Family Dentistry. If you have recurring gum disease or decay, we may recommend that you schedule more frequent visits. 

The Link Between Oral and General Health

Nearly half of American adults aged 30 and over have periodontal, or gum disease, according to a study by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Research has found that periodontal disease can dramatically increase your risk for developing serious health conditions, such as heart disease and stroke. For this reason, monitoring your periodontal health during checkups is one the easiest ways to protect your overall health. We can treat signs of gum disease with procedures ranging from scaling and root planing to gum grafting.

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Regular dental cleanings and checkups can save you money on more costly and invasive treatments in the future.

What to Expect During Your Appointment

When you come in for your appointment, our hygienist will professionally clean your teeth to remove plaque and tartar. At-home brushing and flossing cannot remove all the plaque in your mouth, which hardens into tartar over time. If tartar buildup goes unchecked, you can develop cavities. In some cases, your dentist may recommend that you have sealants placed to prevent the formation of new cavities. 

Routine dental cleanings and exams every six months, paired with at-home brushing and flossing, can help you maintain a healthy smile.

After your cleaning, your dentist will conduct a thorough oral examination, which allows us to detect the early signs of decay and gum disease before they can cause significant damage. If any conditions are detected, Dr. Czaplicki will create an individualized treatment plan. During your consultation, we will also explain how your oral hygiene and lifestyle habits can prevent the recurrence of gum disease and cavities.

If you have had any restorative work done, your doctor will check restorations for structural damage that may compromise the health of your smile. Your dentist will also assess the alignment of your bite to check for temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder. Finally, we will take diagnostic x-rays to further evaluate the health of your teeth and jaw. 

At Czaplicki Family Dentistry, we also perform an oral cancer screening during each routine examination. If diagnosed early, oral cancer is typically treatable, and a simple visual exam at our office is a crucial step in this process. If we find signs of abnormalities, our team can provide you with a referral to pursue further treatment.

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We offer every aspect of preventive dentistry at Czaplicki Family Dentistry and can provide optimal care for your entire family. Contact our office today to make an appointment with one of our doctors.

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